Traditional media entertainment has transitioned to a more creative viewer that is ‘cutting the cord’ and enjoying their content anywhere and on any device. Chillin Media offers our viewers a broad reach of great entertainment across any of our content focused apps that can be viewed on many devices. Kick back and enjoy our many options to entertain you wherever you want to take a break. It has never been easier to Chill.

Ready to Chill?

We have developed a broad range of content portfolios of movies, sports, TV shows, unique original content, documentaries and a Hispanic focused partnership with Futbol Mundial. The content in our apps is consistently updated based on viewer behavior and advertiser success.

About Chillin

Leading producer of verticalized entertainment video content produced to entertain our users anywhere they chill. Our apps span many genres to cover almost anyone’s interests for pure entertainment. We provide original content created in house, feature films, and video shorts across verticals like financial, real estate, education, comedy, classics and a few scary ones too.

Our broad demographic of users truly love our content. Our leadership team has come together from online content production, monetization and app development over the last 21 years to ensure we deliver the best experience for our customers. With a single focus on offering content that is consistently fresh and exclusively developed for our
channels, we believe we are the ultimate boutique media shop to offer the desired reach of content for our users.

Advertise with us

Please contact us to discover our demographics and traffic metrics that give our advertisers the kind of reach and diversification needed to round out your portfolio.

Content Creators

If you are a creative master or just love expressing yourself through video, please don’t hesitate to reach out us and discuss our monetization programs for your work.